Salvage Emergency

Salvage and Emergency Dredging

The Most Vital of Dredge Functions

Salvage and emergency dredging are often services overlooked by the dredging industry. However, they are often the most vital of all dredge functions. Whether the assignment involves emergency dredging to dislodge a vessel washed aground by a storm or emergency dam dredging, U.S. Aqua Services has the highly mobile equipment and experienced personnel to manage the task.

Our dredging company offers systems with the abilities to perform pinpoint precision dredging, flow controlled excavation, removal of large quantities of material quickly and safely. Furthermore, by utilizing a cutting-edge guided deployment system (GDS) in combination with the latest global positioning system (GPS) and imaging technologies, U.S. Aqua Services is capable of attaining target depth throughout the dredge template, minimizing over cut and undercut.

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Before renting out our dredging equipment, we urge our clients to schedule a consultation and on-site inspection. For dredging services including emergency dredging, please contact U.S. Aqua Services today.

Salvage and Emergency Dredging

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