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U.S. Aqua is proud to supply the entirety of the United States with the highest quality dredging rentals and dredging services.

What Types of Equipment Are Used for Dredging?

When you consider the humble origins of dredging, from a simple machine that used a board and chains to move dirt, the dizzying array of dredging equipment and other types of equipment used for dredging available today would likely confound those from 500 years ago.

How to Dredge a Pond Without Destroying It

Ponds need to be kept clean and healthy for enhanced animal life and the surrounding environment.

Dredging & Marsh Buggies Role Mitigating Coastal Erosion in Louisiana

Coastal erosion (or the process where land is lost to the sea due to waves, currents, tides,...

How do Marsh Buggies and Amphibious Equipment help with Dredging

You can think of dredging as moving subsea sediments and debris from one place to another, and...

Everything you need to know about dredging equipment rentals

Dredging is a common practice used by many for important services, such as cleaning out river...