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We believe in impeccable work 

At U.S. Aqua, we have the most advanced amphibious vehicles on the market. They’re built to handle any terrain, and they can go anywhere your business needs them to.

Our vehicles are designed with safety in mind – so you can feel confident that everyone will make it back safely after every job. And our customer support team is always available if you need help or advice about how best to use your vehicle.


Employees are trained and certified and operate above standard with dredging equipment rentals and our on-site visits.


Over 100 years of experience dredging.


We believe in innovative design and can create custom dredges to meet your company's objective.


We operate efficiently in order to get the job done right and within budget.  

Rentals and Services

U.S. Aqua Services and maintains a ready fleet of amphibious equipment capable of completing projects in some of the harshest and most remote environments.

These vehicles allow for the transportation of equipment and personnel across exposed ground surfaces with ease, as well as complete projects in some of the harshest and most remote environments.

  Dredging Marine construction

  Levy construction

  Marsh creating and restoration

  Pipeline construction and repair

  Transition powerline construction 

  Heavy civil and industrial construction

  Right of way maintenance

  Land and swamp clearing



Personnel carriers

The Fat Truck, a four-wheel-drive vehicle at the cutting edge of technology, provides an ideal solution for transportation to job sites.

These vehicles are able to access remote areas where pickup trucks and even buses are unable to go.

Whether you expect amphibious applications or harsh winter conditions, Fat Trucks will deliver you where you need to be.

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Personnel carrier Fat Truck

Marsh Excavators & Buggies

U.S. Aqua Services is not only your dredging equipment rental company but also your go-to excavating contractor.

Whether you need an excavator for dredging, remediation, beach reclamation, pond cleaning, or other means of transportation, our amphibious excavators are ready for the job. 

We provide complete rental service for all of our available units:


  Marsh Buggies

  Cargo Buggy Machines

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