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Tailored dredging and dewatering solutions

No matter what type of environment you're working in, we can dredge and dewater sludge to meet your needs.

We develop job-specific solutions that use specialized equipment to ensure the safety and efficiency of each project.

At U.S. Aqua, we don’t just provide dredging solutions. We also offer a wide range of dewatering solutions to help solve your water management problems with our expertise in pumps, containment booms, filtration equipment, environmental safety products such as oil spill kits.

Dewatering solutions tailored to suit all types of applications

We provide detailed assessments on-site conditions so that we can configure the most suitable solution from our broad portfolio tailored to suit all types of applications including waterfront construction projects where there is no place for error or delay.

  Pond management

  Sludge removal

  Geo-bag sludge processing

  Centrifuge sludge processing

  Debris management

  Pump rentals

  Filter presses

  Pond dredging

  Process-flow filtration units

  Product polishing

  Solids control management


  Water treatment for reuse

  Recovery of valuable products

  Waste minimization and processing

  High-volume fluid management

The Benefits

Helps Ecosystems

Allows for some of the contaminants in the water column to be removed, which helps ecosystems thrive through cleaner waterways and safer recreational fishing areas and beaches

Allows Material to be Repurposed

Dewatering dredged material benefits communities by providing sand and gravel for construction purposes which is typically much cheaper than buying it at building supply stores.

Reduces Transportation and
Processing Costs

Dewatering dredged material reduces costs as wet materials are more expensive to transport and dry out quickly once they reach their destination.


Geotextile tubes

Geotextile tubes are used to remove sediment, water and organic materials from the water body. The clean filtered out is then pumped into geosynthetic bags or tubes that can reach up to 300 ft in length.

The clean water used to pump the sediment through temporary pipelines is then filtered out. The geotextile tubes are utilized for critical structures like breakwaters, islands, and more.

The geotextile tube dewatering technique is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way to remove water from small lakes and golf courses.

Geotextile tubes

Settling basins

Temporary settling basins are an effective way to remove solid materials from your water body.

When one is constructed, the basin acts as a temporary filter for all of the contaminants that have been removed from your lake or pond's waters by trickling through it.

Once filtered, those pollutants will then be collected in this basin and their final resting spot is either another part of our environment (i.e., downstream) where they can continue with other natural processes or back into our aquatic ecosystems like lakes and ponds-without harming them.

settling basins

Mechanical dewatering

At U.S. Aqua we provide high-quality mechanical dewatering services at competitive prices. Through the use of belt presses, hydro cyclones, shaker screens, or a combination thereof we can perform these efficient and time-saving operations for you.

Because of how rapid and convenient mechanical dewatering can be for municipal, industrial, and upscale real estate operations, this is often the preferred option on many projects.

Due to how fast and convenient mechanical dewatering can be for municipal and industrial operations it is often the preferred option on many projects.

Mechanical dewatering

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