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Discover and rent a Sherp

With SHERP you can conquer any off-road!

A unique piece of equipment that doesn't have any analogs in the world

These reliable vehicles are indispensable tools for anyone who is working in sever environments and for people overcoming a great variety of terrain difficulties at their work site.

One of the most versatile industrial vehicle

Mining and Exploration

Search and Rescue

Powerlines and Maintanance

Pipeleine and Maintenanace


Oil and Gas


Hunting and Fishing

Working all year long at any distance.

Work year-round no matter what the weather conditions out there

Service temperature -40°С to +40°С.

Fully amphibious industrial off-road vehicle allows you to overcome any obstacles on your way.

Whether it's water, swamp, hills, rocks, bush, sand, mud, muskeg, you name it.



Doosan Infracore diesel engine provides high torque and fuel efficiency with a low level of noise and vibration.

The engines are adapted for work in any climate zone, which makes it possible to operate the all-terrain vehicle both in hot desert conditions or on a cold glacier.

This eco-friendly, high efficient and optimum performance engine adds value to customer as well as environment.

Sherp Rental - US Aqua


Unique ultra-low pressure tyres are a key innovation, specifically designed for SHERP. The four tires are interconnected by a special "eco-circuit" and pumped up by the exhaust gases.

Due to this technology, the wheels act as a suspension and allow the car vehicle to overcome any humps and bumps of the expedition routes. The system does not need any air compressor, so it keeps the SHERP light and reliable.

Sherp Rental - US Aqua - 6


Parts are made of DOCOL steel, which is resistant to deformation due to high yield strength (1000 MPa), which indicates its strength and resistance to deformation.

The heart of SHERP all-terrain vehicle is the engine of the Japanese company Kubota, which has specialized in the manufacture of high-tech diesel engines for 120 years.

The transmission is equipped with a manual gearbox RENAULT (JR5), which has shown its best side in terms of reliability, smooth shifting and gear ratios.

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