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  Low Turbidity Dredges

  Amphibious Construction Equipment

  Marsh Buggies

  Amphibious Transport

  Deeper Dredging Depths

  Can Dredge Up To 1000 ft Of Water

  And Much More

Unmatched project performance ensured

Reach depths and areas far beyond those accessible with conventional dredging and construction equipment


Coastal Restoration

US Aqua's environmental dredging and wetland construction services is important to help prevent coastal erosion


Maintenance Dredging

US Aqua's dredging and amphibious equipment helps to maintain and deepen waterways. and used for beach reclamation.


Emergency Dredging and Marsh Buggy Services

Helping people in need, we offer emergency dredging, equipment rental, amphibious equipment, and excavators, and marsh buggy services.


Bulk Mine Sand and Gravel

US Aqua's dredging machines are ultra-efficient at mining bulk material. This includes bulk mine sand and gravel in remote locations. 

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