While the driving principle behind the functions and purpose of dredging has remained basically untouched since the technology was first developed, the technology itself has evolved dramatically, especially in the last century. Today’s dredgers utilize hydraulic systems, can sift through tons of material in a day, and can be mounted on a variety of platforms so that they can be used in a variety of environments. As this technology changes, so to do the training requirements for their successful operation. Today’s dredger equipment operators are able to utilize advanced training systems to learn how to confidently use these systems and platforms.

The Need For New Training Techniques

As dredging technology improves, the skills needed to operate them increase. Operators now work with significantly more complicated systems and equipment than dredge operators from even 15 years ago. With these increased responsibilities comes an increased need for advanced training.

More Effective Than Old Training Systems

Traditionally, training someone to operate heavy machinery of any kind requires hundreds of hours spent behind the controls of the vehicle itself. During this time, the machine is subjected to use by a new operator who is unfamiliar with the nuances and functions of the machine. The result is that undue wear-and-tear is placed upon the machine.

For a variety of reasons, this is not the most effective form of heavy machinery training that one can receive. The increased stress-levels associated with training on an unfamiliar platform, paired with the knowledge that mistakes could cause costly damages weighs heavily on new operators. Similarly, if the machine is subjected to errors and damage, it could remove the machine from a regular work rotation entirely. The result is that the machine can no longer be used to help the company, and the new operator is left without adequate training.

New Training Opportunities

More and more companies are turning to simulators to train their dredging operators. These simulators allow individuals to train in real-world, practical skills, without the financial cost of using an actual dredger.

These new dredging simulators use highly advanced computer software, as well as a variety of hardware packages to recreate an entire dredging system. In many training centers, controls are mimicked and mapped to a computer program. The result is that new operators are immersed in a training situation that allows them to learn the functions of a dredge without the fear of damaging the equipment. If mistakes are made, the program and an instructor can provide feedback on what happened, and how to avoid it in the future. New operators are no longer afraid to make mistakes during training, meaning that they have more opportunities for learning and develop their dredging skills more quickly.

Work With The Professionals

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