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mechanical dredging

US Aqua hydraulic dredging equipment in the gulf

4 min read

The Basics of Mechanical and Hydraulic Dredging

As most of us know, the act of dredging is when a dredge removes materials from the bed of a body of water and moves them to another place. That...

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Sedimentation Management: Reservoir and Dam Dredging | US Aqua

5 min read

Sedimentation Management: Reservoir and Dam Dredging

At the most basic level, dredging is the excavation of soil and rock beneath water. The process of dredging can be divided into four phases:...

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U.S Aqua Dredger in gulf | Lafayette, LA

4 min read

Understanding Types Of Dredgers

Dredging is a far more nuanced process than simply dragging a large bucket across the bottom of a river or body of water. Because no two projects are...

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