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We believe in impeccable work 

In order to do this and build excellent relationships with our clients, we construct and maintain all of our dredging machines in-house making it possible to dredge in a variety of situations.

From inland dredging to pond dredging, from pile excavation to jetting, U.S. Aqua can handle your project with precision and expertise.


Employees are trained and certified and operate above standard with dredging equipment rentals and our on-site visits.


Over 100 years of experience dredging.


We believe in innovative design and can create custom dredges to meet your company's objective.


We operate efficiently in order to get the job done right and within budget.  

Marsh Equipment Rentals and Services

Industries We Serve

US Aqua services and maintains a ready fleet of Amphibious Marsh Equipment capable of completing projects in some of the harshest and most remote environments.

  Dredging Marine construction

  Levy construction

  Marsh creating and restoration

  Pipeline construction and repair

  Transition powerline construction and repair

  Heavy civil and industrial construction

  Right of way maintenance

  Land and swamp clearing


Dredge Dewatering

At U.S. Aqua, we don’t just provide dredging solutions.

We also offer a wide range of dewatering solutions to help solve your water management problems with our expertise in pumps, containment booms, filtration equipment, environmental safety products such as oil spill kits.

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Geotextile tubes

Coastal Restoration

Environmental Dredging, Coastal Restoration, and Remediation: Coastal erosion is becoming a growing concern for communities along the coasts.

Coastal Restoration

Oilfield Support

Oilfield Support Dredging, Jetting, and Pile Cleaning: An oilfield is one of the toughest work environments in the world.

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Maintenance Dredging

Navigation, and Dock Dredging: Maintaining docks, piers, and harbors are a common project for our dredging equipment.

Maintenance dredging

Salvage Dredging

Salvage and Emergency Dredging: When your conducting emergency or salvage dredging operations, you’ll need precise and efficient dredging equipment.

Environmental dredging barge offload

Mine Dredging

Dredging equipment has been used for mining applications for decades. With highly mobile dredging systems, we can access materials in unforgiving environments.

US Aqua | Mine Dredging

Subsurface Material Removal and Transport

Our high-end excavator-mounted dredge pumps and hydraulic and mechanical dredging systemsmake it easy to finish projects in an environmentally safe manner, while still being cost-effective.

US Aqua | Subsurface material removal & transport

Pipeline Support

Whether it is pipeline burying, accessing repairs, or removal of existing lines, U.S. Aqua Services has the tools to excavate and jet the material.

We offer a wide array of rentals to accomplish any pipeline job that requires dredging.

Specialized internal pile cleaning

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