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Having a pond on your property is a distinct luxury. It offers you a small escape to a more natural space. The appearance of the pond alone can provide your property with a more serene feeling. It can also lead to some strange smells and become an unsightly addition to your home. Part of having a pond is taking care of it, and for many, that includes regular dredging of your pond. While we typically work on larger scale projects, as a leading dredging company, we recognize that dredges play a role in projects of all sizes. Today, U.S. Aqua Services will outline some of the benefits of dredging your pond.

Dredging Sustains The Natural Lifecycle Of The Pond

Man-made ponds have a limited lifespan if they are not cared for. That’s because the pond attracts birds, insects, reptiles, and other creatures to it. As they all make their homes in and around the pond, the pond itself begins to accumulate detritus like loose grasses, sticks, and algae. Eventually, all of these things settle to the bottom of the pond, transforming a pristine water source into a glorified mud puddle. Your pond becomes a swamp, then a marsh, and then dries up and becomes another part of the dry land surrounding it. This is simply how ponds form and disappear, and is a natural process. But if you put in a pond for aesthetic reasons, this natural process might not be a part of your long-term plans. Dredging up the muck from the bottom of the pond keeps it from becoming a swampy mess, meaning that you can enjoy the natural beauty of your pond for years.

Dredging Your Pond Can Help Improve Your Property Values

Ponds are an attractive and desirable water feature for any home or property. Many potential home or property buyers are interested in having a pond on their land, be it for aesthetic or recreational purposes. A well-maintained pond has been shown to increase the property value of a plot of land or home, as well as the values of the properties surrounding it. Conversely, poorly maintained ponds are considered an eyesore, and may actually turn away potential buyers. Dredging your pond is an investment in the value of your home and land.

The Dredged Materials Can Be Used Elsewhere

Dredging your pond isn’t just good for the natural life cycle and health of the pond itself, but also for the trees and vegetation that surrounds it. Many people repurpose the nutrient-rich materials dredged from the bottom of their ponds as fertilizer. The muck is spread across fields, placed at the base of trees, and in flower beds and bushes. There, the soil helps to nourish the plants, helping them grow taller and more lush.

Dredging Keeps Your Pond Water Cleaner

Water quality is a key concern for a healthy pond. Dredging helps to promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria that can help break down the organic waste that collects at the pond’s bottom.



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