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9 Different Applications of Marsh Excavators

9 Different Applications of Marsh Excavators

There are a variety of applications for marsh buggies, including dredging, land and beach reclamation, and land restoration. These versatile machines can be used to move large quantities of sediment or earth material quickly and efficiently.

They can also be used to create channels and berms in wetlands, and to smooth out beaches and other areas that have been impacted by storms or erosion. Marsh buggies (also known as Marsh Excavators) are an important tool for managing wetland ecosystems.

In this blog post, we will discuss some different applications of marsh buggies.

  1. Pipeline Work
  2. Phone & Cable Lines
  3. Oil Exploration
  4. Levee Construction
  5. Highway Construction
  6. Forestry
  7. Environmental Remediation
  8. Dredging
  9. Disaster Recovery

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1- Pipeline Work

The process of constructing a pipeline involves clearing a route through swamps and marshes, digging a trench for the pipeline to be placed in, pulling the line into position, and then recovering it. Most oil firms are required by law to bury their pipelines for safety reasons. A marsh excavator is an excellent machine for this work.

It can be driven through the mud and water and is also very effective at pushing its own pile. Since its self-propelled, an excavator can drive itself backward to recover scows or wagons of spoil material. This allows for quick clean-up work with little environmental impact.

2- Phone & Cable Lines

Phone and cable lines are almost always installed by trenching method. This requires a single operator to control the equipment - digging while staying on top of the pipe or cable.

To protect these lines, they are typically covered with wood slabs or other protection. Marsh buggies are able to operate in water up to four feet deep, which is more than enough for burying these lines.

3- Oil Exploration

There is a significant amount of oil exploration occurring in wetlands and marshes all over the world. In addition, the presence of marshes makes access to some areas difficult or impossible. This means that oil companies have to work in the marsh, and marshes are often used for reclamation after a spill. That's why geotechnical engineers and operators often need a marsh excavator to do the job efficiently.

When looking for oil and gas beneath the ground, it can be often necessary to use drill bits and blades on marsh equipment to make room in swamps and wetlands for this type of exploration work. This is usually done with a pipeline or other collection assemblies. Marsh buggies can also provide support in terms of backfilling or grading.

4- Levee Construction

Marsh buggies can be beneficial for levee construction. In fact, the US Army Corps of Engineers has used marsh buggies on several levee projects.

The primary use of the machine, in this case, is to make grooves in the levees after they are built which helps keep water flowing through them. This helps keep large accumulations of water from building up behind the levees, where they are more likely to cause damage during a storm.

These machines may be used to dig the trench, install the line, and then level out the site. This is critical work that enables most dams to regulate water flow.

5- Highway Construction

Clearing marsh and swampland of trees and stumps is part of the process of building a highway. It's possible to remove debris from a road without replacing it. If debris were left in place but hidden, it could decay and weaken the new roadway.

Marsh buggies are good for working near a road in a marshy environment. These machines can be used to maintain existing roads and create new ones when necessary. They can also be used to build berms, which is an important part of highway construction.

6- Forestry

Marsh buggies are often used in forestry. This is especially true when it comes to planting trees and other plants in wetland areas. These machines are used for clearing vegetation in wetlands in order to make room for tree or plant growth in

buggies can also be used in the construction of right of ways in marsh and swamp forests. These right-of-way areas are needed for harvesting lumber and fighting forest fires.

7- Environmental Remediation

Spills and chemical discharges are all too common in our waterways. Sensitive low-lying areas are frequently affected by environmental pollution and contamination. The employment of marsh buggies is critical to cleaning up contaminated sand, constructing spill barriers, and removing pollutants from boggy regions that are out of reach of conventional equipment.

Marsh buggies are used to cleaning up industrial and chemical spills. To protect water quality, marshland can be dug up and taken away for treatment or containment depending on the type of spill that has occurred. Marsh buggies can also be used as a tool in fighting environmental fires that tend to occur frequently due to oil.

8- Dredging

A marsh excavator is an ideal tool for dredging wetlands and marshes, as well as waterways and lagoons - considering they are amphibious vehicles.

Working in tidal and non-tidal wetlands, a marsh excavator's bucket and dipper stick can be easily maneuvered to the desired location without disturbing the surrounding area.

Dredging is important for creating channels to move water flow through an area, removing sediment buildup from around buildings or other structures, clearing aquatic vegetation, and preventing fish entrapment.

9- Disaster Recovery

When cities are hit by disasters, whether it be natural or man-made, marsh buggies can provide the best of support. If rapid firefighting is required, due to chemical spills or forest fires that threaten homes and the like, marsh buggies can get into swampy areas that would otherwise be unreachable.

Disaster recovery companies often have machines like this on standby in these areas to be ready when a disaster hits.


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