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What Types of Equipment Are Used for Dredging?

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When you consider the humble origins of dredging, from a simple machine that used a board and chains to move dirt, the dizzying array of dredging equipment and other types of equipment used for dredging available today would likely confound those from 500 years ago.

U.S. Aqua Services is a dredging company that uses the latest in dredging machines to serve our customers needs. We serve many industries, from the oil and gas industry to municipalities and government agencies, helping them meet their needs.

With our combined experience of offering superior dredging services, you can rest assured that your job will come out perfectly.

Below, we'll take a brief look at the types of equipment that are used for dredging. Contact our dredging company to get started today!


There are two main types of dredging equipment used:

  • Hydraulic dredging 
  • Mechanical dredging

Hydraulic Dredging vs Mechanical Dredging

Hydraulic dredgers act as a giant, underwater vacuum cleaner to clean and remove sediments, while mechanical dredging uses heavy equipment to dig up the bottom of a water source, and move it.  Let's dig a little deeper into each.

Hydraulic Dredging

This is widely considered the most effective method of dredging when the environment and the ecosystem of the dredging site is of major concern. It is preferred because it prevents most of the contaminated sediments from being dispersed or released into the nearby water source. While this is a major advantage to hydraulic dredgers, they do have their limitations. Because of their design, hydraulic dredgers are excellent for moving loose soils, sands, silt, gravel, or rocks.

Mechanical Dredging

While mechanical dredging is the most commonly rented form of dredging machinery, that does not mean it is always the most effective.  Because this form of dredging requires a bucket or digger to impact and shovel away the sediment, there is a higher chance of contaminated materials within the sediment to be dispersed into the water surrounding it. The contaminated soil can fall out of, or through the bucket, and spread further into the water.

Other types of dredging equipment

In addition, there are two other common types of dredging equipment you will find: mechanical/hydraulic dredgers that use a combination of both hydraulic and mechanical methods to get the job done. Cutter suction dredgers are an example of these. Hydrodynamic dredgers are the other type of dredging equipment you will find in the industry today.


When it comes to choosing a dredging company, you want the best. You look for experience, knowledge, know-how, perseverance, and reputation. U.S. Aqua Services exhibits all of the signs of a top-notch dredging company. Our team has a combined 100 plus years of dredging experience. 

In addition, we offer our immaculate dredging equipment for rent to those who wish to DIY their dredging project, from a backyard pond dredging to sand dredging. We offer support and guidance every step of the way.

If you are looking for the best dredging company in Louisiana and the United States, choose U.S. Aqua Services today!

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