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Site Visits

U.S. Aqua Services offers site visits to provide a comprehensive consultation on the project and on what equipment is needed. Our dredging company has been in the field for years and all of our employees are trained and certified. U.S. Aqua Services offers dredging equipment rental but we want to make sure that those who rent from us have a clear understanding of the job that’s in front of them and what type of equipment will work best. For example, pond dredging may require different equipment than ocean dredging. For this, we provide our expertise via site visits and consultations.

Hydraulic PumpWhat to expect during a site visit:

Examination of the physical environment: examining the environment, such as the size and makeup of the area allows us to assess what the job may entail.

Initial safety and environmental hazard assessment: we always look into the environment to check for any safety or environmental hazards that would put those on the job in danger or could harm the surrounding environment.

Gauging of logistic factors: our teammates check the environment, the scale of the job, and how the machines will work.

Conducting dredge feasibility assessment: because not all dredging jobs are alike, we want to check the scale of the job and how manageable it is before starting work.

Performing preliminary volume computations: before dredging could begin, we need to compute how much material and sediment needs to be transported.

Noting physical characteristics of the dredge material: some sediment may require cutters, which cut up the material, before being scooped/suctioned by the dredge pipe.

Discerning best method for disposal of dredge soils: every environment has a different story and makeup. It’s pertinent to inspect the soil before transporting it elsewhere.

Performing sediment dewatering assessment:  when dewatering, it’s important to remove oversized materials, allow the material to settle, and dewater the solids. Before a dredging job, you need to examine the sediment to procure a dewatering plan.

Determining the suitable dredge system: different situations require different machinery. For example, ocean dredging may require hydraulic systems while pond dredging may only require electric systems.

To ensure the safety of both the workers and the environment, it is necessary that you follow through with all of the above precautions. Because dredging is done in fragile environments, U.S. Aqua Services always stays up to standard with our dredging equipment rentals and our on-site visits. Skimping on just one of the steps can lead to injury or disaster.

US aqua servicesOur dredging company offers dredging equipment rental for hydraulic systems, electric systems, pile excavation systems, and supplementary parts and tools. Before utilizing our equipment, we urge you to schedule an on-site consultation with one of our experts in order to make sure that the job is completed safely and effectively. All of our dredging machines are built and maintained in-house for safety and quality assurance.

If you’re in need of an onsite visit as a precursor to a dredging job, please contact U.S. Aqua Services. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.