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With a sprawling coastline, winding rivers, and dozens of lakes, ponds, and harbors, dredging companies in Georgia have plenty of work to keep busy.

 If you’re in need of specialized dredging equipment for your next major project in Georgia, it’s best to work with the experts.

With years of experience, a focus on safety and efficiency, and a commitment to providing our customers with the latest and greatest technology, U.S. Aqua Services is Georgia’s leading choice for dredging companies.

  No two construction or remediation projects are ever alike. That’s why our dredging company offers a wide range of services and specialties

  When dealing with a high priority task, we can assist with our emergency dredging services. For mining applications, we can employ our dredgers to expedite the process. 

  Our hydraulic and mechanical dredgers are well-suited for subsurface material removal and transport.


Dredging Equipment Rentals In Georgia

Your specialized project may require specialized equipment, but that doesn’t mean you have to commit to purchasing a dredge just to finish your task.

Instead, utilize our dredging equipment rental services to get the right machine right when you need it.

We’re constantly improving and innovating in the field of dredging technology, ensuring that you’re using only the most efficient and safest equipment in the field.


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Not sure where to get started on your next project or are uncertain as to which dredge machine might be right?


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