Excavator Mounted
Dredge Pump

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This dredge system gets your project started faster

Excavator Mounted Dredge Pumps revolutionize small to large-scale dredging projects. 

This lake, pond, lagoon, and ocean equipment allow users to perform their dredging by mounting a hydraulic excavator-mounted pump on the end of an excavator boom.

The excavator attachment is an efficient system that only requires a few modifications to work. This dredge system gets your project started quickly and finished sooner than standard attachments.

At U.S. Aqua, we don’t just provide dredging solutions. We also offer Excavator Mounted Dredge Pumps.

We offer excavation machine attached dredge pumps which best for use in well-defined sites where it is possible to drive excavators on-site & detach easily from hydraulic power source with accessibility around critical areas.

Benefits include


  Low Turbidity

  High Solids Concentration

  Precise Dredge Control

  High Abrasive

  Low Maintenance

  Minimal Downtime

The Benefits

Transfer Material
in One Step

With an excavator dredge pump attached with slurry hoses, operators can transfer rocks, gravel, slurry, sludge, and a variety of other abrasive material in just one step.

Reduce Transportation
and Costs

Using excavator mounted dredge pumps saves time and money over the traditional mechanical way of moving material. Without these pumps, operators would move materials from one point to another.

Reduce Constant Maintenance

The strength and durability of these excavator mounting dredge pumps virtually eliminate the worry of wear and tear and maintenance.


Easily attached and detached

The design of these pumps allow them to be easily attached and detached from a compatible hydraulic power source on an excavating machine or other similar vehicles, with open frame structures that offer more space for maneuverability.


Universally compatible with equipment

Our excavator-mounted dredge pumps fit on a variety of equipment for operations. These pumps perform well on the following equipment:


  Marsh Excavators

  Marsh Buggy Excavators

  Floating Excavators

  Amphibious Excavators

  Mini Dredge Excavators

  Pontoon Excavators

  Long Reach Excavators


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