A regular topic of conversation in the media, at home, and at work, there’s no denying that the earth is experiencing climate change. The scientific community shares a consensus that it is likely caused by human influences. Temperatures are shifting, storms are becoming more severe and frequent, increased flooding, and rising sea levels are all cause for concern. Because of our industry’s connection to the areas most immediately affected by climate change, dredging companies are intimately aware of the effects of climate change. That’s why dredging firms like US Aqua Services are embracing sustainable options and environmentally friendly solutions for their work.

Linking Dredging And Climate Change

Perhaps the greatest catalyst for climate change in the modern era is the use of fossil fuel based machinery and engines. Dredgers are included in this category, and while many companies have turned to cleaner technologies, the reality is that many others are still using these types of dredges. There is a global push to limit the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air as a by-product of fossil fuel combustion engines. Many dredging companies are acutely aware of their fuel consumption, and by-product production. That’s why dredging companies are working alongside other industries and fields to limit the amount of fossil fuels they use or to find technologies that can free them from fossil fuel dependence entirely.

Using Dredging To Minimize The Effects Of Climate Change

While there’s no denying that gas-based dredgers are having an impact on the health of the environment, in many cases, the work these dredgers are doing has an equally positive impact. Dredging is particularly common along coastlines, rivers, ports and harbors, lakes, and ponds. All of these areas are being affected by rising sea levels and the increased levels of precipitation resulting from more frequent storms. These storms can lead to dangerous floods that can wipe away entire communities. Dredges are used to create infrastructure that channels these flood waters harmlessly away from homes and businesses, as well as ensuring critical waterways are not flooded or washed out.

Dredging is also being used in beach reclamation projects, environmental remediation efforts, and even to help with habitat development for native fish and wildlife. Each of these uses ensures that humans are living responsibly within their local environments.

Utilizing The Environment In Dredging Projects

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for dredgers to be used to cut away huge swaths of the earth. Projects like the Suez and Panama canals dramatically reshaped the environment in these regions. While they were, and still are, engineering marvels, similar projects today are not considered environmentally friendly, and with good reason. Instead, dredging companies are taking closer looks at the natural landscape that surrounds each of their work sites to see how the can use existing features to enhance the effectiveness of their projects, while simultaneously limiting the amount of material they have to remove from the site.

Sharing Your Commitment To Eco-Friendly Practices

We stand apart from competing dredging companies for a lot of reasons, but most notably is our continued commitment to sustainable dredging practices and eco-friendly projects. It starts with our site visits, where a skilled surveyor examines the environment of the work site to discern what the project will entail. From there, our surveyors conduct a hazard assessment to check for features or hazards that would imperil anyone working on the project, or the surrounding environment. We then pan for the best disposal of dredged soils and materials to ensure that potentially toxic materials are disposed of properly.

If you’re looking for a detail-oriented dredging company to assist you in your next project, it’s time to connect with US Aqua Services. We proudly offer a variety of services in addition to our dredge equipment rental programs. Contact us today.