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5 Benefits of Dredge Dewatering

5 Benefits of Dredge Dewatering

Dredging can be a necessary but costly process, so it's important to minimize environmental impacts. One way to do that is by using dredge dewatering systems to clean up the slurry left behind after dredging. Dewatering drastically reduces the amount of solids in the water, making it safer and easier to dispose of.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of using a dredge dewatering system!

  1. What is dredge dewatering?
  2. What are the benefits of dredge dewatering?
  3. Do you need to dewater your dredge?

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What is dredge dewatering?

Dredge dewatering is the process of removing water from dredged material. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as centrifuges, filter presses, and belt presses.

Dewatering is an important step in the dredging process because it allows for the removal of excess water that would otherwise add weight and volume to the dredged material.

Additionally, dewatering can also improve the stability of the dredged material, making it less likely to shift or erode during transport.

What are the benefits of dredge dewatering?

Understanding the merits of dredge dewatering is pivotal for anyone involved in dredging operations or in industries that rely on such activities. 

There are a number of benefits associated with dredge dewatering, including:

1. Reduction in weight and volume of dredged material

The process of dewatering significantly lowers the weight and volume of dredged material, often by up to 90%. This reduction translates into minimized transportation costs, which is critical in large-scale dredging operations where the economic impact can be substantial. Lighter materials are not just cheaper to transport; they are also easier and quicker to move, saving valuable operational time.

2. Improvement in stability of dredged material

Stability is a crucial factor, especially when dredged material is intended for construction purposes or if it is to be moved to a different location. Dewatering makes the material more compact, thereby enhancing its stability. This minimizes the risk of material shifting or eroding during transport and makes it easier and safer to handle.

3. Prevention of environmental damage

Dredging activities inevitably impact the aquatic environment. Dewatering systems can mitigate this impact by reducing the volume of contaminated water discharged back into water bodies. This has the twofold advantage of protecting aquatic ecosystems and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, which are becoming increasingly stringent.

4. Reduction in disposal costs

The concentrated nature of dewatered material simplifies the disposal process, which can be a complicated and costly affair depending on the contaminant levels and local regulations. Dewatering effectively isolates contaminants, making it easier and less expensive to treat and dispose of the material in an environmentally sound manner.

5. Improvement in safety

Dewatering not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to a safer working environment. With reduced volumes of water, there is less risk of water-induced mishaps such as slipping or flooding. Moreover, dewatered materials are easier to manage, minimizing the chances of accidental spills that could jeopardize both worker safety and environmental integrity.

Overall, dredge dewatering can offer a number of benefits, both in terms of the dredged material itself and the surrounding environment. By reducing the weight and volume of dredged material, dewatering can save on time and money, and also make the material easier to handle.

Additionally, dewatering can help to prevent environmental damage by reducing the amount of water that is discharged into the environment.

Do you need to dewater your dredge?

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About U.S. Aqua Services

U.S. Aqua Services was created to support the dredging process in advancing commerce and responding to its many challenges. To accomplish this, our dredging company assembled an exceptional group of experienced individuals and a diverse inventory of dredge equipment and excavator dredge pumps.

We offer dredging equipment rental services so you can have access to the latest and greatest in dredging technology without having to pay to maintain it, transport, and store it, along with dewatering services.

With an emphasis on mobility, dependability, durability, diversity, efficiency, and safety, our dredging rental company can ensure that our different types of dredging systems are easy to move through any terrain and can work in the most rugged and remote environments. Our multi-function hydraulic systems are built with jetting and mechanical options that can efficiently move loose sediment or stiff layers of clay.

US Aqua services also and maintains a ready fleet of Amphibious Marsh Equipment capable of completing projects in some of the harshest and most remote environments. U.S Aqua is also the dealer for Louisiana of the amphibious vehicle Fat Truck. No matter the size or scope of the job or the remoteness of your work location, you can rely on Fat Truck’s industrial off-road utility vehicles to get the job done right.

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