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Dredging & Marsh Buggies Role Mitigating Coastal Erosion in Louisiana

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Coastal erosion (or the process where land is lost to the sea due to waves, currents, tides, glaciers, storms) is a big problem in many areas of the world, including Louisiana. Every year, the United States experiences $500 million in coastal property losses that damage structures and land.

Beaches can be completely lost, to which the US spends roughly $150 million to replenish, and the loss of coastal wetlands is about 80,000 a year, which is precious habitat to many types of animals.

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Louisiana is often subject to coastal erosion being a coastline state. Throw in the fact that the mighty Mississippi runs through the state and empties its water into the Gulf of Mexico. Louisiana faces a constant battle to protect its marshes, swamps, and barrier islands.

Over the past century, Louisiana has lost a large part of its wetlands and coastline, resulting in increasing efforts to help mitigate coastal erosion.

Let's examine how dredging and marsh buggies are helping in the battle to save the coasts of Louisiana.

How Dredging and Marsh buggies are helping to Mitigate Coastal Erosion in Louisiana

As we all know, dredging is the process of removing dirt, sediment, and other debris in waterways from one location to another. For the most part, people think of dredging as the process of digging out canals and channels to help facilitate ships' journey.

However, dredging can also be used to move dirt and sediment from one body of water to another. Similarly, known as soft erosion control and beach nourishment, sand may be dredged from one area and moved to beaches in order to replace the sand that has been lost due to erosion.

Dredging for the win

Luckily, dredging can now be used to reverse engineer the process of erosion. Although not as efficient as Mother Nature, beach nourishment and other soft erosion control methods are helping in the fight.

The use of marsh buggies has facilitated the dredging process while assisting in the transportation of machinery and supplies to coastal waterways and marshlands where coastal erosion restoration projects take place.

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