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How do Marsh Buggies and Amphibious Equipment help with Dredging

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You can think of dredging as moving subsea sediments and debris from one place to another, and in the case of dredging, these sediments and debris are at the bottom of rivers, lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water. 

Dredging is a vital operation in order to facilitate the transportation of goods and people up and down rivers, through major canals, such as the Panama Canal, and across oceans. 

Dredging is necessary due to the constant movement of earth and sediment near continents. Waves pound the coastlines incessantly, removing and depositing dirt, and in rivers and streams, sediments are being deposited as well, building up and eroding banks in a never-ending cycle. Thus, dredging services are important in order to keep these waterways clear for trade and commerce.

U.S. Aqua Services offers these necessary dredging services across the United States. Using the most efficient dredging equipment and technology, we can help you complete your project, from coastal restoration to oilfield and pipeline support. We offer dredging equipment rentals and services.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at how marsh buggies and amphibious equipment can help you with your dredging needs. 

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Marsh Buggies, Amphibious Equipment and Dredging

Many people don't realize that most of the world's goods still travel by water. In fact, it is estimated that linear shipping transport approximately 60% of the US's goods, and in Rose George's book, Ninety Percent of Everything, she claims 90% of everything we buy arrives in ships.

Due to mother nature ever-changing the environment we live in; shorelines, canals, rivers, and more all need regular maintenance and work — and for the most part, this entails dredging work. Without dredging, most of the goods we enjoy would become trapped in waterways, unable to move.

Marsh buggies and amphibious equipment have helped facilitate dredging in many ways. Marsh buggies, or swamp buggies, are able to easily transport people, equipment, tools, and supplies to remote and difficult to access jobsites. Without these low ground pressure, amphibious types of equipment, most dredging and support work would be impossible to accomplish.

Large marsh buggies can transport much-needed heavier equipment to dredging sites, such as drills and excavators. Specifically designed amphibious undercarriages allow machines such as excavators to float, making these pieces of heavy machinery extremely versatile, maneuverable, and necessary for dredging operations around the world.

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U.S. Aqua Services is a leader in dredging services and dredging equipment rentals across the United States. We utilize marsh buggies and amphibious vehicles in our dredging operations in order to increase efficiencies, eliminate headaches, and help to reduce some of the challenges faced in these high-stress environments.

This is a huge plus for the environment, as humans can beneficially accomplish their needs while leaving minimal impact on the environment.  Our dredging systems have the capabilities of dredging up to 1000 ft of water.

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