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FAT TRUCK® releases a new amphibious vehicle for the utility industry

FAT TRUCK® releases a new amphibious vehicle for the utility industry

The manufacturer of the FAT TRUCK, Zeal Motor Inc., has announced the official production debut of its new 2.8 version. The 2.8 was created to meet a unique market need for transporting materials and tools to the job site.

Here's what you need to know about the new model and how it can help you in your next project.

What is the FAT TRUCK 2.8P?

The utility sector has been requiring an amphibious vehicle that will allow operators to transport goods through difficult terrain, while also having the passengers separated from the payload.

Enter the FAT TRUCK 2.8P.

The 2.8P redefines job site operations while improving safety and productivity levels by bringing material to the grid.

The FAT TRUCK is a perfect tool for the utility industry as a new type of vehicle to help workers access hard-to-reach job sites. Furthermore, owing to the many add-on options accessible, the new 2.8P is an extremely adaptable amphibious vehicle. Some add-on options include

  • High-speed capstan
  • Vegetation control spraying unit
  • Water tank
  • Firefighting foam kit and
  • Small service crane (to use for recovery after a storm)

What does the FAT TRUCK 2.8P feature?

The FAT TRUCK 2.8P is an amphibious, lightweight truck with a payload of 2,200 pounds and dual capabilities. The market demands for an amphibious pickup capable of carrying a large payload have been met by the FAT TRUCK 2.8P, which comes in two models: open cab or closed canopy.

The amphibious vehicle is powered by a 67-hp Caterpillar C2.2 Turbo Tier 4 Final diesel engine that delivers 1,400 rpm of torque and is matched with a hydrostatic transmission.

The FAT TRUCK 2.8P is capable of traveling at maximum speeds of up to 25 mph on land and 3 mph on water and also capable of climbing steep, muddy hills at up to 75% grade. The vehicle's ground pressure is just 1.6 psi when fully loaded.

Learn more about the specifications

Download the FAT TRUCK 2.8P spec sheet to learn more about the FAT TRUCK 2.8P specifications and details.

US Aqua Fat Truck spec sheet

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