The dredging industry is one of the busiest in the world, excavating literal tons of material every day. In many cases, this material is drawn from rivers, lakes, ports, harbors, and other waterways as part of projects to make these places more accessible to commercial and recreational boats. While some materials that are extracted are part of environmental remediation projects, and cannot be used afterward, much more can be utilized in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most beneficial uses for dredged materials that US Aqua Services has found.

Construction Materials

Currently, there is a worldwide construction boom, as the population continues to expand, and more and more people move out of poverty and into homes. Many of the materials extracted by dredgers, sand, and gravel, in particular, are extremely useful in construction projects. They can be used in making glass, concrete, and much more. These materials can also be used in the landscaping of new buildings as well.

Landfill Cover

Dredged material can be utilized in the covering of landfills. The tons of gravel can suppress any waste products, and prevent the soils surrounding the landfill from eroding away. This ensures that trash doesn’t blow into neighboring communities, and potentially toxic products are not allowed to filter into nearby waterways.

Land Creation

As more and more of the world’s population lives near a coast or shore of some kind, there is increased threat of flooding and rising water levels. Dredged material, in its vast quantities, can be used to create new landforms. Indeed, entire islands have been artificially created out of dredged materials. More commonly, dredged materials like sand, have been used in major beach reclamation projects after devastating hurricanes and storms.

Beach Nourishment Projects

For dredging projects that occur near beaches or along shorelines, the materials can be put back onto these landscapes. These materials can be used as new recreational spaces for visitors and community members. Beach nourishment projects have proven to be an economic boon to coastal communities, who rely on the attraction of beaches to draw in tourists.

Topsoil Fertilizer

Maintaining the quality of topsoil is vital to ensure the long-term agricultural success of our farms. The fine, nutrient-rich materials gathered by dredgers can be used as a form of fertilizer for agricultural lands, helping to improve the quality of topsoil there.

Habitat Restoration

Dredged material is often used in habitat restoration projects. Materials extracted from nearby areas are seamlessly integrated into damaged landscapes to rebuild them. In particular, dredging companies and wildlife groups including Fish And Wildlife departments have found success in using dredged materials to create channels and eddies in waterways for fish to spawn in and birds to hunt near.

Dredging can play a major role in making our landscapes more habitable and useful. If you’re looking to start a major dredging project, make sure to partner with us. US Aqua Service has years of experience, and the cutting-edge machinery you need to make your next project a success. Contact us today to schedule a site visit or to arrange to rent a dredge.