Understanding Beach Reclamation

Beaches are a great place to relax and play. They bring us close to the ocean and all of its natural wonders. We exhaust ourselves after a long day of soaking in the sun, but we don’t often know that the beach itself can be exhausted. Yes, beaches need to maintain their health just like we do. So many popular and frequented beaches regularly undergo beach reclamation or renourishment. But what is beach reclamation and why is it necessary? The dredging equipment rental specialists at U.S. Aqua Services hopes to shed some light on this important work.

A Basic Definition

Beach reclamation can be generally understood as the process of restoring a beach from erosion. Sand is added to the areas of the beach that have experienced severe erosion to “reclaim” the shoreline of the beach. This reclamation process is not limited to just ocean beaches however, as it can be carried out on any beach or shoreline that experiences extreme erosion.

What’s Erosion?

When we talk about the erosion of a beach, we’re talking about the process of wearing away the beach. Erosion is caused by any number of natural phenomenon. Along beaches, these happen to be water and wind, but can also be eroded by ice and in some cases even lava flow. Erosion strips materials from one part of the beach and moves it to another, typically into the body of water.

Why Do We Need To Reclaim A Beach?

Beach reclamation is part of the process of developing a beach for human habitation and use. It also helps to protect beaches for the elements and from overuse. Often beach reclamation projects are carried out by dredging companies to defend beachfront development properties from the ocean, or to extend a beach for the enjoyment of the public. In other cases, it can be done to re-establish sand bars and to protect shorelines from storms.

What Considerations Do Dredging Companies Need To Keep In Mind?

Often, when a community elects to undergo a beach reclamation project, they’re signing up for an immensely costly process. Dredging does not stop erosion, and so one beach reclamation project may be one of many that a beach experiences over the course of its use. There is also the issue of habitat destruction. By removing vast quantities of sand from the sea floor, dredgers may disturb the flora and fauna that lived there. Similarly, adding new sand to the beach may cover up ecosystems that aren’t clear to the human eye. Both of these issues can be resolved by working with a dredging company that offers on-site consultations, and uses environmentally-friendly practices.

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