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While dredging is a unique industry with lots of specialized equipment and knowledge involved, there are still some projects that industry professionals consider common. But for those who are new to the idea of using a dredger, they may not know what kinds of projects a dredger is appropriate for. Today, U.S. Aqua Services will discuss some of the most common dredging projects that should offer insight as to when it’s necessary to work with a dredge rental service.

Port And Harbor Construction

We live in an increasingly globalized world, and part of that process is the increase of trade between nations. To facilitate this, there here has been a flurry of dredging and construction of ports and harbors across the US and the world. As the need for sea trade increases so too does the size of shipping vessels. This makes the expansion and deepening of existing ports and harbors one of the most common dredging projects currently.

Maintaining A Port Or Estuary

While dredging out a new porter, or expanding one is a common project, the regular maintenance of these ports and estuaries is too. Tidal movements, the flow of rivers, and the natural process of erosion moves silt and debris into these spaces and their waterways. This can decrease the overall depth of a port or estuary, and prevent larger vessels from safely traveling through them. Dredgers regular maintain these spaces.

Land Reclamation

As the population of the earth increases, and as sea levels rise, coastal populations are increasingly in need of the land reclamation services a dredging equipment rental service can provide. By digging up clay, silt, rock, sand, and gravel from the seabed, dredging companies can actually create new landmasses elsewhere. For the most part, land reclamation projects are done in tandem with port and estuary related projects. The materials dredged from the seabed are used in other parts of the port or harbor as a way to minimize the amount of materials needed for other projects.

Environmental Remediation Dredging

As the impact of human actions on the environment grows ever more apparent, many dredge rental companies are being called upon to help with projects that actually clean up the environment. Using specialized dredgers and other materials and equipment, an environmental remediation project targets specific materials or points in a waterway, and carefully extracts just those materials. Rather than measuring the amount of materials removed, a successful remediation project is measured by the amount of harmful material that is removed. You can learn more about environmental remediation dredging by reading this blog post.

U.S. Aqua Services Keeps Busy

These are just some of the projects that we’ve been a part of over the last few years. The fact is, there are many more projects that our dredge rental company takes part in every year. In our next blog post, we’ll take some time to outline a few more of these common projects and what they consist of. If you need to start a dredging project of your own, make sure to contact the dredging equipment rental experts at U.S. Aqua Services!