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Common Dredging Projects Pt. 2

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Welcome back to the U.S. Aqua service blog series on common dredging projects. Dredging projects are being started nearly every day all over the world. In the United States, dredgers are used for any number of purposes and for projects of all sizes and scales. To introduce you to some of the work that keeps our dredge rental service busy, we’ve taken the time to explain some of the more common projects that dredgers take part in. Read on to learn more.

Coastal Protection

When someone mentions a coast, we often think of picturesque beaches that have gone untouched by people. The reality is that even if they are protected and untouched, beaches and coasts naturally degrade over time. With so many people moving toward coastal areas, there is an increasing need for coastal protection. Dredgers are called in to take part in beach renourishment processes, and the construction of dikes. Dredgers bring up huge quantities of sand from the seabed to rebuild dune fields and protect shallows.

Offshore Trenching

We don’t often realize just how much is buried offshore, in our oceans, and our other waterways. Offshore trenching is the best way to keep these buried materials safe from impacts from larger objects, like shipping vessels. Dredgers dig up a trench in which a cable or pipeline is buried. This is a highly specialized process that requires a high degree of precision. Often, the dredgers for these projects are mounted on a specially made vessel that uses high-end electronics and other instruments to accurately dredge the right materials in the right place.

Dredging For Sand And Gravel

Far away from beaches and streams, there is a need for gravel and sand. They are fundamental components of many of our modern day building projects and are even used to make our homes and businesses look better. These materials are in high demand with construction companies across the country and across the world. Increasingly, dredging equipment rental companies are being called in to dredged up these materials to be used in other projects. With populations rising all over the world, it’s expected that dredging rental companies will spend more and more of their time carrying out projects like these.

Construction Of Lakes And Reservoirs

The need for clean drinking water and hydroelectric power is increasing all over the world. To meet these needs, governments and communities are constructing lakes and reservoirs using dredgers. By working with a dredge rental service, these waterways can also address any environmental concerns that are present in the water, as well as clear away high amounts of sediment that may cause problems with hydroelectric generators and water filtration systems.

For All Of Your Dredge Rental Needs

U.S. Aqua Services is proud to offer some of the latest and greatest dredging machines in the industry. We are committed to finding environmentally friendly ways to carry out each and every one of these projects, and doing so in a way that satisfies the needs of our clients. When you’re in need of a dredging equipment rental service for your next project, make sure to call us first.